US exposes hackers’ helpers to punish Russian attacks, Bloomberg News, 15 April 2021.

‘Bro culture’ at camera maker Verkada pushed profits, parties, Bloomberg News, 9 April 2021.

Microsoft probes clue that hackers cracked Taiwan research, Bloomberg News, 13 March 2021.

Verkada workers had extensive access to private customer cameras, Bloomberg News, 11 March 2021.

China’s Microsoft hack, Russia’s SolarWinds attack threaten to overwhelm US, Bloomberg News, 9 March 2021.

France says multiyear hack similar to Russian attacks, Bloomberg News, 16 February 2021.

A Swiss company says it found weakness that imperils encryption, Bloomberg News, 7 February 2021.

Silicon Valley investment firm profits from surveillance states, Bloomberg Businessweek, 26 January 2021.

Facebook joined by human rights groups to fight spyware maker, Bloomberg News, 23 December 2020.

SolarWinds adviser warned of lax security years before hack, Bloomberg News, 21 December 2020.

UK use of software linked to Russia-hack runs deep, Bloomberg News, 18 December 2020.

UK government, NATO join US in monitoring risk from hack, Bloomberg News, 14 December 2020.

American technology is used to censor the web from Algeria to Uzbekistan, Bloomberg News, 8 October 2020.

Twitter pressured to give information on alleged Saudi spies, Bloomberg News, 17 September 2020.

Francisco-backed Sandvine nixes Belarus deal, citing abuses, Bloomberg News, 15 September 2020.

US company faces backlash after Belarus uses its tech to block internet, Bloomberg News, 11 September 2020.

Belarusian officials shut down Internet with technology made by US firm, Bloomberg News, 28 August 2020.

Spies in Silicon Valley: Twitter breach tied to Saudi dissident arrests, Bloomberg News, 19 August 2020.

College pals from China became among most prolific hackers ever, US says, Bloomberg News, 21 July 2020.

US says China hackers stole secrets, sought virus data, Bloomberg News, 21 July 2020.

‘Cozy Bear’ group tied to hacks on Covid vaccine research, Bloomberg News, 16 July 2020.

Russian hackers are linked to sweeping bid to steal vaccine data, Bloomberg News, 16 July 2020.

European police hacked secret phone network, used AI for major bust, Bloomberg News, 16 July 2020.

Google scrapped cloud initiative in China, other markets, Bloomberg News, 8 July 2020

Teen volunteer to WikiLeaks’ Assange dug dirt and wooed Bieber, McCartney, Bloomberg News, 30 June 2020.

Surveillance technology in the Covid-19 era, Bloomberg Businessweek, 1 June 2020.

Google helps place ads on sites amplifying Covid-19 conspiracies, Bloomberg News, 1 June 2020.

EasyJet says hackers stole data of 9 million customers, Bloomberg News, 19 May 2020.

FBI use of Google search data raises privacy questions, Bloomberg News, 13 May 2020.

China’s disinformation effort targets virus, researcher says, Bloomberg News, 13 May 2020.

Hackers target WHO by posing as think tank, broadcaster, Bloomberg News, 7 May 2020.

Colorado firm sees opportunity in Trump’s criticized UV idea, Bloomberg News, 28 April 2020.

Facebook accuses NSO Group of using US servers for spying, Bloomberg News, 24 April 2020.

Hackers target top officials at World Health Organization, Bloomberg News, 22 April 2020.

Data breach shows Iranians use chat apps to spy, researchers say, Bloomberg News, 17 April 2020.

5G virus conspiracy theory fueled by coordinated effort, Bloomberg News, 10 April 2020.

Google joins with UK researchers to track coronavirus cases, Bloomberg News, 3 April 2020.

Hackers ‘without conscience’ target health-care providers, Bloomberg News, 1 April 2020.

Google agrees to worker council in Europe amid recurring discord, Bloomberg News, 19 March 2020.

Arab royal feud exposed in London amid claims of spying, hacking, Bloomberg News, 27 February 2020.

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The crime-fighting app that caused a phone-hacking scandal in Italy, Bloomberg News, 16 January 2020.

Iran’s infamous disinformation apparatus isn’t going into overdrive - yet, Bloomberg News, 8 January 2020.

Chinese hacking group, quiet for years, resumes global attacks, Bloomberg News, 19 December 2019.

Google culture war escalates as era of transparency wanes, Bloomberg News, 14 December 2019.

Google fires four workers, including staffer tied to protest, Bloomberg News, 26 November 2019.

One Google staffer fired, two others put on leave amid tensions, Bloomberg News, 12 November 2019.

Google accused of creating spy tool to squelch worker dissent, Bloomberg News, 23 October 2019.

Swiss Google employees defy managers, stage labor event, Bloomberg News, 21 October 2019.

Clash over surveillance software turns personal in Germany, Bloomberg News, 13 October 2019.

Europe overly dependent on outside technology, EU memo warns, Bloomberg News, 20 September 2019.

Microsoft, Mastercard fund initiative to help thwart hackers, Bloomberg News, 26 September 2019.

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France takes unprecedented action against reporters who published secret government document, The Intercept, 17 May 2019.

Google’s censored search would help China “be more open,” said ex-CEO Eric Schmidt, The Intercept, 14 May 2019.

Cameras linked to Chinese government stir alarm in UK parliament, The Intercept, 9 April 2019.

Google is conducting a secret "performance review" of its censored China search project, The Intercept, 27 March 2019.

Google employees uncover ongoing work on censored China search, The Intercept, 4 March 2019.

New site exposes how Apple censors apps in China, The Intercept, 1 February 2019.

Google faces renewed protests and criticism over China search project, The Intercept, 18 January 2019.

Google’s secret China project “effectively ended” after internal confrontation, The Intercept, 17 December 2018.

Google CEO hammered by members of Congress on China censorship plan, The Intercept, 11 December 2018.

Rights groups turn up pressure on Google over China censorship ahead of congressional hearing, The Intercept, 10 December 2018.

Google shut out privacy and security teams from secret China project, The Intercept, 29 November 2018.

Hundreds of Google employees tell bosses to cancel censored search amid worldwide protests, The Intercept, 27 November 2018.

Amnesty International to stage worldwide protests against Google’s 'dystopian' censored search for China, The Intercept, 27 November 2018.

Google CEO tells Senators that censored Chinese search engine could provide 'broad Benefits', The Intercept, 12 October 2018.

Leaked transcript of private meeting contradicts Google’s official story on China, The Intercept, 9 October 2018.

Former Google scientist tells Senate to act over company’s 'unethical and unaccountable' China censorship plan, The Intercept, 26 September 2018.

Google suppresses memo revealing plans to closely track search users in China, The Intercept, 21 September 2018.

Google China prototype links searches to phone numbers, The Intercept, 14 September 2018.

Senior Google scientist resigns over 'forfeiture of our values' in China, The Intercept, 13 September 2018.

World’s leading human rights groups tell Google to cancel its China censorship plan, The Intercept, 28 August 2018.

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